About Us

  • America Clean Energy Partners is dedicated to building Clean Energy Projects that reduce the Carbon Footprint of existing and future Hydrocarbon Facilities.   
  • America Clean Energy Partners builds Fischer-Tropsh Gasification Facilities adjacent to existing Petroleum Refineries to enable the Refinery to immediately decrease its Carbon Footprint by eliminating harmful Petrol Coke from the Global climate.   Shipments of harmful Petrol Coke to Third World Countries for incineration into the Atmosphere ceases immediately—which benefits ALL countries that share the fragile atmosphere.   
  • America Clean Energy Partner’s Management successfully owned and operated the US Department of Energy Experimental Gasification Facility built as an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle process in 1995 in Terre Haute, Indiana (The Wabash DOE Facility) to prove that coal and PetCoke could be converted into clean energy products such as Ultra Clean Synthetic Gas which would power the combined cycle power plant.